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Seed capital not milk duds: $ 29 movie ticket and champagne theaters openThe bookends to WalletPop the hard-hitting expose on candy contraband into the cinemas , we bring you the other end of of the slide show universe: a chain to upscaling that $ 49 bottles Champagne, $ 19 steak sandwich and a club – indulgence on a $ 29 ticket to come.

The recession has faded to black for a niche of upscale moviegoers, according to an article in Wednesday Los Angeles Times. Australia-based Gold Class Cinemas opened its fourth luxury mini – movie palace in the United States – this in Pasadena, California,. And does brisk business It has sold eight of his first 11 seats, said the Times, could going to a plan, the punctuate dozens of swanky cinemas lead the scenery.

Besides theaters already in operation in two suburbs of Chicago and a Microsoft home in Redmond, Washington, has Gold Class parent company Village Roadshow Ltd., visions of creating a total of 30 in the next five years, according to the Times..The submission of SEC lawsuit against Goldman is according the firm installed an unprecedented public relations campaign defending its reputation.

Last seen the company announced a lengthy letter to its shareholders where there defends its business practices and tried refute To browse the populist indignation that was up against the company over the past year.