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This is all very helpful, prosecutors s, he said. What the person had in their head at the time. Her own words are the best way to show intent, he said.Here you have an interested party, a not-so – veiled accusations of abusive behavior by subordinates. It serves the bank an interest villains villains, he said. Indeed in fact be villains, must sort out the most important thing for the government is is in this report and the bank statements and determine what the facts were and what conclusions can be made intent.

What is the speed of the federal investigation, it ‘s too early to know how to go Prosecutors said Daniel Richman, a former U.S. Attorney in New York , teaches today at Columbia Law School.

Repressed Ina Drew, the former head of the CIO unit, forfeited their wages and other executives after the Bank ‘s internal investigation. The Bank accepts Drew ‘s offer to return about two years of compensation, the maximum allowable under the clawback of employment, said Joe Evangelisti, a spokesman for the company. Drew didn t to a request for comment to respond. The bank didn t prove the allegations. The allegations.In the United States falling after job data weakening recovery hopes.

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