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This shows you how possess asset for Purchase of shares and generate a cash flow eux.Veritable revenue investing is if the underlying assets, be it a home or a stock may go down, but cash flow remains fairly constante.Comme we have said above most of the people think that stock investment contradicts of Rich Dad philosophy of of investing flows of tresorerie.S’ils think of ‘idea to most of the people of stock investment – buy hold and pray to – while oui.Cependant, a learned scholar investor knows of cash flows of to the stock market and knows the rewards from LIQUIDITY arising out in the stock market..

You are are the owner Stock XYZDo you sell one option to buy great shares of XYZ stock after a predetermine period of time was a stated price.

With its base, a dividend is your share in the profits of an enterprise that you are the owner [.] In consideration for buying shares, or invest in a company of you are gave both fundamental rights. First of all you have a right to participate in ELECTION of board to lead the company, and said second you have a right to pay a portion of the BENEFIT by business, at the discretion de conseil.Elle the IS PAID the form of a dividende.Lorsque him the Board publishes of the business OUTCOMES By the end of every quarterthey will More downloads announce the dividend PAYABLE BY action.Ainsi if a firm declares a dividend of $ $ 0.50 for any quarter and that you own 100 shares in, you will receive $ 50 .So if you should buy stocks paying regular dividends, assets, then you buy that adds a your cash flow.On the freeway draw the line? The six crudest ways to save money.

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However the cost of ownership be highly expensive when figure out in mortgage payments, mortgage insurance, property taxes, federation taxes , repair, insurance, and general maintenance of. And a few people not even build any shares It went to interested only mortgages , or otherwise bought houses which they to not afford. It also takes a lot of money, just in order to get into a house -. If figure out to of the deposit and closing costs, there is a ton of money paid up ago in a house in a house. And the process may be painful on the wallet. All in all, you will find lots a homeowner out quickly that at are as cost is much higher than she is planned to..