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Failure on this front could further damage the market’s confidence in the ability of the euro zone, the debt crisis and underline how the crisis both economically and politically to fight, and perhaps insoluble because of this. I do not think that they meet the expectations of the summit will fall too far behind the type of big bang needed to Simon Tilford, said Simon Tilford, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform in London.

Banks needed to the first with the capital from shareholders, and if that does not offer than national governments support. Only as a last resort the EFSF will be on recapitalization.

GREEKS BEEN WARNEDEnglish President Francois Hollande, stated in an interview the Greek television that he wanted to Athen to keep of the single currency and there was to Greek voters to choose whatever they wanted. – ‘But I have to warn you because I have a friends of Greece, In If gives the impression that Greece is intends from its obligations from his obligations and avoid View all prospect of recovery will, there were countries in the euro zone on the How are better terminate with the presence of Greece in the euro zone ‘.